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Mentoring: Supporting youth from at-risk backgrounds

I am currently undertaking a personal project to better cater mentoring oppertunities to at-risk youth (most in need & least likely to recieve mentoring). Focusing on identifying youth before & once they become at-risk, better training of rolemodels known to the youth & more!

In real life

A literacy platform to engage & inspire financial wellness. 1 in 3 Aussies aren’t financially literate & lack confidence to improve money, impacting their happiness & wellbeing. The platform is a school of life & will provide education, courses, literacy & money life skills.

Sustainable building makes sustainable community

Onsite Recycling system of the wastes and waste water generated of the building for the purpose of reuse within the building would help in creating a sustainable community.


Simple online built home kits. Sustainable and affordeable. Build online and order.

reVolt Energy

reVolt is the first Australian energy retailer to reward customers when they use less energy. We are a scalable behavioural shaping mechanism for behaviours that affect climate change. We create a near-instant reward for an otherwise intangible problem.

Power to the People!!

For anyone producing green energy, don’t give it to the electricity and poower companies who sell it at a premium. Sell it to your neighbours and make some extra income. Create the power. Share the power. Be the power. Power to the People.

Saving Consumers $1trillion in Shipping Costs with Blockchain

DOCKX is a blockchain based shipping and logistics solution that will reduce international shipping costs to consumers by $1 trillion dollars a year and reduce insurance claims by $12.5 billion.

Suicide Saviours

Would love to create an expressive theater dance play to Express the importance of showing support for people/Youths going through depression or Suicidal thoughts. To capture the essence of different support groups through a play and to distribute firstly through high schools etc

POC Political Leaders Fellowship

A new study shows that 95% of Australian politicians are white. We need a Parliament that’s representative of our country. We’ll launch the first 6 month fellowship that trains people of colour on everything you need to know to run for office: strategy, comms, field, digital, etc


We are seeing sharing Economy developing across the globe. People are now more interested in renting products and services rather than purchasing them. The second beneficiary of sharing Economy is the one who wants to earn Through sharing. Hence the idea of sharing app emerged.

Best ideas for world

Prepare your skill for future

Puppets with Purpose

A student wellbeing that travels to schools throughout Australia. This program meets curriculum outcomes with the assistance of puppets, children explore and find solutions to issues such as cyber- bullying, health, sustainability, relationships, trust & honesty

The Young Muslim Campaigning Fellowship

The Fellowship is the first 5 month intensive campaigning fellowship specifically designed for young Muslims. Over 3 retreats & 10 workshops, this program will train young Muslims in all aspects of social change – everything from strategy, leadership & politics to tech & comms.

Semiotically Sustainable Support

Semiosis; symbolic jewelry from various cultures and belief systems worldwide. Ethically sourced each piece is handcrafted by artisans living in marginal countries. Creating long term solutions for income generation, with growth potential to positively impact entire communities

Education, games and the 21st Century

Australia lags far behind other countries in education, with very little being done by schools to change or innovate the way they teach. We are researching and developing new and innovative ways for education with the help of technology for the 21st century.

Eco Friendly Tourism in Raja Ampat, Papua Indonesia

Raja Ampat is one of the most biodiverse marines in the world. The area consists of 90% seawater, and most of their people work as fishermen. In Indonesia, almost 30% of people who are living below the poverty line are the fisherman. The development within coastal region is stil

Healthcare Re-Imagined

Imagine a healthcare solution that approaches you before a problem arises. This will allow doctors and AI to proactively provide customised medical advice based on your biometrics. It will also allow check-up and monitoring of the elderly and those living in rural areas.

Natural Smart Air Conditioning System

Australia is a land of natural resources sun& wind.
The big problem at the moment is environment disruption due to hyrocarbon fuels as the source of energy but we can use a combined system of wind and sun effect with smart technology for control in a fantastic way for midlands

Age are placement centre

A National call centre for age care facilities should be made . All the age care places that are funded an registered should ring when beds are available and carers an hospitals call when needing placement that way the facilities keep in check with standards and funding

Farming Ageing

Work with rural communities to help older farmers choices to stay independent, help younger farmers, access underutilised resources, develop training and employment pathways as a community and economic development initiative.

Multi-compliance Tool

Digital systems analysis tool for nonprofit organisations to streamline internal communications and ensure external compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Instructional design implementation to suit multicultural and variously-abled organisation members and employees

Homes for the homeless

In all the abandoment houses that nobody uses let homeless people live there but they have to be working there (building or cooking or cleaning or security) to be able to stay there. Idea is to change them personally in exchange for living there. Idea is to change there life!!!?

Safe drinking water for all

Billions lack access to affordable safe drinking water. Either pipes don’t reach them or the piped water is contaminated with faecal bacteria. I want to transplant factors that made mobile phones successful everywhere into water utilities and by doing so eliminate poverty forever

Fixing universal problems

Charities and government must focus In solutions instead of symptoms. For example homeless, give them a job like cleaners offering all benefits and support for their work this give dignity and motivation.
Crimes, strong consequences and hard work – no free food and accommodation.

The Wicked Problems Initiative (WPI)

WPI is an interdisciplinary & cross-cultural incubator that will integrate social sciences, humanities & entrepreneurial expertise within human-centred design thinking methodology to solve the trickiest problems in global affairs.

Sip of Hope

I want to create a food pantry with an attached cafe. The cafe would be a help pay for the pantry with 100% profit being used to buy food for those in need. The pantry would help families and the homeless. Left over food would be provided via meals through a van driven nightly.

Recycled Reads Library-Saving preloved books from landfills & building new sustainable libraries

Australia throws out books in landfills.Give these preloved books a home in another part of the world/in Rural Aus towns by building sustainable libraries in under developed areas needing education to establish literacy&knowledge. Providing local Children the chance to read&learn

Baby Care

A complete full solution mobile app and website which can look after the needs and charts for your babies less than the age of 4. Irrespective of the place you are, the app will have options to connect to experts around globe. It will have tips and tricks., Nourishment Checks…


Imagine a world where everyone had access to the basic building blocks of society. Food, water and shelter. I. E. The base of Mazlows hierarchy of needs. Once everyone’s on the same footing, we can really accelerate growth of humanity to higher orders of thinking.

Dr Home

To create a programme built for the use of a radiologist, or even in place of a radiologist. Through pattern recognition the film will be interpreted, to combat the hundreds of cases of misdiagnosis’ based on perceptual and human errors.

Wikihospitals – a community that connects the public with the latest in healthcare tech services.

The health industry is full of errors – wrong drugs, missed diagnosis, unnecessary hospital admissions, chaotic discharges, inaccurate medical records.
The health startup movement has given birth to thousands of great solutions – algorithms that can predict future blood sugars

What if the cure to loneliness was up to?

What if we lived in a world where the time we spent with others that we don’t know meant that we could cure their loneliness. Now more than ever we are digitally connected, yet feelings of loneliness, isolation and disconnection are at an all-time high. We want to change this!

Reputationaire, noun, to be wealthy due to one’s own reputation

People should own not only their data, but more importantly reviews & ratings, currently locked away within Ebay, LinkedIn etc, to improve their life situation. Eg use Airbnb guest score to secure an offline rental, prove tech skills via Stackoverflow & Github to secure an IT job

Think positive

When you think positive it can change your personality and whole life effectively. It c.an possible by knowledge advancement, reading ethics books and company of positive surroundings. In the present world positive thinking resolve many issues regarding education,domestic and social

Basic education

Basic education is very much compulsory for all. Basic education realtes with personal personality improvement. Everyone should aware to present his or her self and to help other people no matter they belong to which religion. Everyone should be able to earn for his or herself.

Corporate Integrity and Spiritual Index

Corporations are expected to act as good global citizens. However, we witness the variety of social problems related to corporations. I propose the mechanism to capture the degree of corporate integrity and spiritual because we dream to see companies have ethics competition.

Volunteer to Organisation Connecting Platform

A platform to connect volunteers to organisations that require volunteers. The platform will allow volunteers to complete discrete work packages requested by the organisation of need. The organisation puts up a job request, and the volunteer responds to it.

Compare the market

To help small to medium farmers stay family owned businesses, growing food locally and to be able to financially support themselves by farming or growing food. How, we do it. We help them find the best and most suitable product pricing for them, from chemicals, fertiliser, seeds


With this platform different charity organization can be brought together in a single place so that the people don’t have to do much hard work in finding the right place for donation. Events organised and people interested in volunteering can be seen and selected in this platform

Hotel food for all !!

Hotels throw the spare food away and many children don’t get food to eat. This platform connects different hotels to give away the spare food to the needy people.

Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-connect Hub

My idea is to have ‘hubs’ housing compactung rubbish and recycling bins, which also vend returnable, re-usable shopping bags, and have phone chargers and wifi hotspot in public spaces like shopping centres, carparks, parks etc. They could be funded by advertising on sides.

Shajarah Islamic Kindergarten

My idea is to establish an early childhood education and care institution which excels in the presentation and inculcation of the best pedagogical standards available within an Islamic environment, combining the excellence of both.

Prouid to be Green.

Conservation is trendy in middle class first world countries.
Asia, 2nd & 3rd world countries? We are dreaming if we think the majority of the worlds population give a shit. I wish to create an amazing educational garden in Vientaine to bring pride of clean & green to this area.

Funds for all

Every day in the world some make millions others can’t scrape 2 cents to getter.
So why don’t we get all the worlds money and divide it amongst all and let them all have a say in how their money gets spent

Education can change the world!

Education is the most powerful social investment we can make. It can completely change not only the trajectory of a person’s life, but the trajectory of societies as a whole. At Happy Brain Education, we want to be part of giving as many people access to education as possible.

We Speak

The NEWS today as we know has become less of reporting & more opinionated.
If any opinion that’s worthy it is that of the people.
Thus we aim to create an online platform which primarily encourages LIVE public participation while subject experts are in discussions with the hosts

My kiddo!

An all exclusive app to monitor the health and well being of your children under age of 4. App will suggest what is good for your kids, track there health and well being. Suggest mode wise excersices.
Also get connected anonymously to different parent communities.

Project Community

A place for people to go when there is no where to go and no one to turn to. Instead of treating mental illness within intimidating systems let’s have wellness centres where people can come heal in a loving environment and self sustaining community without societal pressure

Evoplex – Affordable Off Grid Self Sustainable Villages

Ecoplex – Off grid self sustainable eco villages built from eco waste producing all its electricity, water, food, gas, fuel and onsite waste management needs. stimulate education, employment, skills and small business development via 20, onsite businesses for local communities.

Breaking stigmas against dementia

The effects of dementia one of the biggest cause of death. The butterfly model is a person-centred care focusses on changing isolation, deprivation, depression into community, inspiration, empowerment. Lets create this because sense of belonging is everyone’s matter.

Education Inside

There are many places in the world where women are incarcerated for lengthy periods of time. The issue of criminal justice is not what this project is about, it is about creating education and vocational training for the many children who are locked up with their mothers.

Give a little light – energy donations

Home solar energy – pays for your quarterly bills and then the energy company pays you a low price for your excess. What if you could donate your energy to those that needed it more – Lowering the utility bills of charities so they can pay for the important stuff.

Mom and Pop Business Bot

An AI powered business advisor to help small enterprises think and prepare themselves for an abundant future harnessing tech and business model innovations through a conversational interface. Empowering turbocharging of rural and regional family businesses for the 21st century.

Stick It To The Man Health Fund

with a min of $40,000, 4 patients with medicare cards pay 25% of desired operations fees and the rest is paid by the fund. The 25% is put forward to the next patient expenses. There are 3 categories: dental; preexisting public patients on a waiting list, and mummys with tummys…

International orphans project

We can supply things such as food, home, education and medical care for orphans kids in different countries around the world. Also we can supply disability equipment for those disabled orphan children, this can only work with your help and our contribute.
Vote if you care.

Help for homeless

Buying itemised vegetables etc to create a poverty pot of home cooked meals for the homeless. Everyone can contribute items start at $1.00 and receive a magnet of thanks. It is a cold winter and there are lots of homeless cold, hungry and alone living on the streets.

Step it up

Step counter for kids at school. I put mine on my 4 yr old Daughter she just wanted to get active. Got a few more ideas to go with it not just count steps. Think its a great idea to help kids get active.

A world without porn

I dream of establishing rehabs to assist those who are addicted to pornography. Very grounded facts have shown that porn could easily lead to depression, anxiety and even erectile dysfunction. Visual addiction, especially porn is real and capable of changing the physical brain.

Using Sustainable/Green Solutions to tackle Poverty and Water Crisis

Our Idea is to Start up a foundation that focuses on Water Waste Management in the rural communities. The vision is to curb the water crisis that has often lead to poverty. We will provide solutions like greywater reuse, sustainable waste management and water purification method.

Tribe. Women empowering women

I want to develop a space for women to come together to work, craft,
paint, read, meditate, yoga, relax, garden, eat or to just be.
It would be a twist of cafe, day retreat, workshop, art studio, community area etc which is open to all women. A tribe to support each other.

Helping orphans live brighter lives

orphans are the most in need people on this earth, some children don’t have shelters, families, food and many things we have in life. Together we can help these children have brighter lives with no difficulties, we can supply disability equipment etc.

Improving Mine Productivity and safety worldwide

Today you must stop a mine conveyor to change the rolls underneath. It is expensive ($m’s per hour) and very dangerous. There is no alternative. Until now. Save millions – and save lives. Our new innovation is Aussie invented, proven in the field & patented worldwide. Watch how – click here to play video

Use nuclear power to reduce coal dependence

Leveraging Australia’s abundant supply of uranium and our relatively inert geological and political environment we can guarantee our energy security through nuclear power facilities located in strategic locations. This would assist us in moving on from our coal dependence.

Oil generating device

I have a few i will state them but no how they work i must be cautious with my creations some of them would be corporate c and some non-profit np and some theoretical t. oil generating device c, free electricity generator c, soul trap t np, anti-global warming device np etc.

Domestic violence prevention

Domestic violence will continue to exist if the way we address the problem doesn’t change. Its time to change the way we think about ourselves, situations can’t change if our actions and thoughts stay the same. Education and personal achievement is how to save lives

First personal robot insurance broker

INSUREBOT. This is the ww first personal robot insurance broker centre (in a mall) offering unbiased services and prevention training. Access via video chat will also be offered. It’s an emotional and tangible shopping experience, something the industry never achieved.

Job network for disadvantaged people

Creating a network of refugees/DV victims/People with disabilities/people with chronic illnesses and organizations that want to reach out and help providing jobs to people in these categories, and mediating and creating jobs by accumulating working hrs frm more than 1 org

Feeding Australia

This is a project developed by the So Change Inc. organisation. As an organisation operated by newcomers, we aim to change the stereotypes surrounding migrants and refugees by caring and giving back to the community by proving warm and nutritious meals to those in need.

Virtual Tourism

Travel the world without leaving home. Properties are created for people to enjoy a full sensory vacation experience.

Maliks of Melbourne

Mindfulness classes and workshops which draw on the inner dimension of Islamic teachings and works as inspiration.

I2R (Idea to Reality): Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

I2R (Idea to Reality) will prepare students aged 16 to 18 to enter the world of work.
Mentored by local leaders, the students will work together in multi-disciplinary teams, under supervision, to identify a market need, and then design and offer a solution for a community need.

Creating the Australian Japanese Leaders of the Future

Wellers Hill SS is a fully bilingual Japanese school. Students have unique language (fluent & no accent) & cultural learning, but have no pathways for Years 7-11 via high School. WHSS seek to fund a bridging program to keep students progressing, but funding assistance is needed.

Virtual Hajj Trainer

In Islamic calendar Hajj is the most important and coasty worship this worship also should have to be supported by knowledge to cover all topics in hajj and to train a hujaj I need to develop a virtual reality app in which a hujaj will be trained on.

The connector

Are you sick of so many different software programs? Perhaps your business development system can’t sync with your finance system? Getting sick of using multiple platforms across the business? Wouldn’t it be nice to just. have. one.
One that links all platforms to sync as one.

Zam Zam For Mental Health

A one dollar a week or one dollar a month transparent donation funding platform to fund, or assist in funding, mental health service provision in local CALD communities.

Creating an inclusive world for young girls and women

Imagine a world where our little girls grow up to be influential, strong and successful women, and leaders.
Where society empowers young girls to reach their dream, through connecting parents, childcare, schools, educational institutes and businesses for the greater good.

tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria

This idea is to explore a counter-intuitive solution to antibiotic-resistant bacteria: infect people with viruses. If we can harness so-called bacteriophages – ‘ninja viruses’ – to attack bacteria, then we may find ways to tackle illness when antibiotics are failing.

Harnessing wave tidal power as an energy source

Develop cost effective technology to harness tidal (wave) power taking advantage of better battery technology that now exists.

1 hour with

Imagine Bill Gates joining you for a pitch or talking with Prof Teo about your research. 1 hour with auctions for 1 hour with amazing people each month. All money goes to charity.